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Desde esta página se accede a todo el material que el personal del laboratorio tiene publicado en distintos medios, tanto a nivel editorial como a nivel académico. From this page you can download the content of the jobs published by the members of this laboratory, both academic and proffesional level.

1 J. Vargas, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.C. Estrada, J.M. Carazo - Generalization of the Principal Component Analysis algorithm for interferometry Optics Communications, 286: 130-134 (2013)

2 J-C Naud, D. Menard, G. Caffarena, O. Sentieys - A Discrete Model for Correlation Between Quantization Noises IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, 2012

3 Mar?a J. Lado, Arturo J. M?ndez, Leandro Rodr?guez-Li?ares, Abraham Otero, Xos? A. Vila - Nocturnal evolution of heart rate variability indices in sleep apnea Computers in Biology and Medicine, 42(12), 1179-1185, 2012.

4 F. Cuadrado, J.C. Duenas, R. Garcia-Carmona - An Autonomous Engine for Services Configuration and Deployment IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

5 G. Caffarena, O.Sentieys, D. Menard, J.A. Lopez, D. Novo - Quantization of VLSI DSP Systems (Editorial) EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2012

6 L. S?nchez-Sampedro, C.E. G?mez, E. Mej?as-P?rez, C.O.S. Sorzano, M. Esteban. - High quality long-term CD4+ and CD8+ effector memory populations stimulated by DNA-LACK/MVA-LACK regimen in Leishmania major BALB/c model of infectio PLOS One 7(6):e38859 (2012)

7 A. Vijayan, C.E. G?mez, D.A. Espinosa, A.G. Goodman, L. S?nchez, C.O.S. Sorzano, F. Zavala, M. Esteban. - Adjuvant-like effect of vaccinia virus 14K protein: A Case Study with Malaria Vaccine based on the Circumsporozoite Protein. J. Immunology, 188: 6407-6417 (2012)

8 A. Patwardhan, J.M. Carazo, B. Carragher, R. Henderson, J.B. Heymann, E. Hill, G. J. Jensen, I. Lagerstedt, C.L. Lawson, S.J. Ludtke, D. Mastronarde, - Data-management Challenges in 3D Electron Microscopy. Nature Structure & Molecular Biology, 19: 1203-1207 (2012).

9 B. Perdiguero, C.E. G?mez, J.L. N?jera, C.O.S. Sorzano, J. Delaloye, R. Gonz?lez-Sanz, V. Jim?nez, T. Roger, T. Calandra, G. Pantaleo, M. Esteban. - Deletion of the viral anti-apoptotic gene F1L in the HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate MVA-C enhances immune responses against HIV-1 antigens PLOS One, 7: e48524 (2012)

10 J. Ot?n, C.O.S. Sorzano, E. Pereiro, J. Cuenca, R. Navarro, R. Marabini, J.M. Carazo. - Image formation in cellular X-ray microscopy. J. Structural Biology, 178: 29-37 (2012)

11 J. Vargas, J. Antonio Quiroga, C.O.S. Sorzano, J. C. Estrada, M. Serv?n. - Multiplicative phase-shifting interferometry using optical flow. Applied Optics, 51: 5903-5908 (2012)

12 C.E. G?mez, B. Perdiguero, J.L. N?jera, C.O.S.Sorzano, V. Jim?nez, R. Gonz?lez-Sanz, M. Esteban. - Removal of vaccinia virus genes that block interferon type I and II pathways improves adaptive and memory responses of the HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate J. Virology, 86: 5026-5038 (2012)

13 J. Vargas, R. Restrepo, J.C. Estrada, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.M. Carazo. - Shack-Hartmann centroid detection using the Spiral Phase Transform Applied Optics, 51: 7362-7367 (2012)

14 A. Otero, P. Félix and M.R. Álvarez - Algorithms for the analysis of polysomnographic recordings with customizable criteria Expert Systems with Applications 38 (2011), 10133-10146

15 E. Rincón, J. Sáez, S. Gharbi, C.O.S. Sorzano, Y.R. Carrasco, I. Mérida. - Dynamics of sorting nexin 27 translocation in activated T cells J. Cell Science, 124: 776-788 (2011)

16 J. Garc?a-Arriaza, J.L. N?jera, C.E. G?mez, N. Tewabe, C.O.S. Sorzano, T. Calandra, T. Roger, M. Esteban. - A Candidate HIV/AIDS Vaccine (MVA-B) Lacking Vaccinia Virus Gene C6L Enhances Memory HIV-1-specific T-cell Responses. Plos ONE, 6: e24244 (2011)

17 A. G. Goodman, P. P. Heinen, S. Guerra, A. Vijayan, C.O.S. Sorzano, C.E. G?mez, M. Esteban. - A human multi-epitope recombinant vaccinia virus as a universal T-cell vaccine candidate against influenza virus. Plos ONE, 6: e25938 (2011)

18 C. Calabia-Linares, M. P?rez-Mart?nez, N. Mart?n-Cofreces, M. Alfonso-P?rez, C. Guti?rrez-V?zquez, M. Mittelbrunn, S. Ibiza, F.R. Urbano-Olmos, C. Agu - Clathrin drives actin accumulation at the immunological synapse J. Cell Science, 124: 820-830 (2011)

19 E. Rinc?n, J. S?ez, S. Gharbi, C.O.S. Sorzano, Y.R. Carrasco, I. M?rida - Dynamics of sorting nexin 27 translocation in activated T cells. J. Cell Science, 124: 776-788 (2011)

20 C.E. G?mez, J.L. N?jera, B. Perdiguero, J. Garc?a-Arriaza, C.O.S. Sorzano, V. Jim?nez, R. Gonz?lez-Sanz, J.L. Jim?nez, M.A. Mu?oz-Fern?ndez, J.C. L?pe - The HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate MVA-B administered as a single immunogen in humans triggers robust, polyfunctional and selective effector memory T cel J. Virology 85: 11468-11478 (2011)

21 J. Vargas, J.A. Quiroga, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.C. Estrada, J.M. Carazo. - Two-step demodulation based on Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization method. Optics Letters, 37: 443-445 (2012)

22 J. Vargas, J.A. Quiroga, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.C. Estrada, J.M. Carazo. - Two-step interferometry by a regularized optical flow algorithm. Optics Letters 36, 3485-3487 (2011)

23 C. Calabia-Linares, M. Pérez-Martínez, N. Martín-Cofreces, M. Alfonso-Pérez, C. Gutiérrez-Vázquez, M. Mittelbrunn, S. Ibiza, F.R. Urbano-Olmos, et al - Clathrin drives actin accumulation at the immunological synapse J. Cell Science, 124: 820-830 (2011)

24 M. Li, G. Xu, C.O.S. Sorzano, F. Sun, C. Bajaj. - Single-Particle Reconstruction Using L2-Gradient Flow. J. Structural Biology, 176: 259-267 (2011)

25 A. Otero, F. Palacios, T. Akinfiev and A. Apalkov - A low cost device for monitoring the urine output of critical care patients Sensors 2010(12), 10714-10732

26 C.O.S. Sorzano, J.R. Bilbao-Castro, Y. Shkolnisky, M. Alcorlo, R. Melero, G. Caffarena-Fernández, M. Li, G. Xu, R. Marabini, J.M. Carazo - A clustering approach to multireference alignment of single-particle projections in electron microscopy J. Structural Biology 171: 197-206 (2010)

27 T. Akinfiev, A. Apalkov, A. Otero, F. Palacios - Device for measuring the amount of liquid that flows and procedure for its measurement. Patent application. Nº ESP201031227

28 I. Arganda-Carreras, C.O.S. Sorzano, P. Thévenaz, A. Muñoz-Barrutia, J. Kybic, R. Marabini, J. M. Carazo, C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano. - Non-rigid consistent registration of 2D image sequences. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 55: 6215-6242 (2010)

29 J.R. Bilbao-Castro, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.J. Fernández, I. García. - XMSF: Structure-preserving noise reduction and pre-segmentation in microscope tomography. Bioinformatics, 26: 2786-2787 (2010)

30 G. Caffarena,C. Carreras,J.A. López, A. Fernández - SQNR Estimation of Fixed-Point DSP Algorithms EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Volume 2010 (2010),Article ID 171027, 12 pages, doi:10.1155/2010/171027

31 J. García-Arriaza, J.L. Nájera, C.E. Gómez, C.O.S. Sorzano, M. Esteban. - Immunologic profiling in mice of a candidate HIV/AIDS vaccine (MVA-B) expressing four HIV-1 antigens and potentiation by specific gene deletions. PLOS One 5, e12395 (2010)

32 J.L. Nájera, C.E. Gómez, J. García-Arriaza, C.O.S. Sorzano, M. Esteban. - Insertion of Vaccinia virus C7L host range gene into NYVAC-B genome potentiates immune responses against HIV-1 antigens. PLOS One 5, e11406 (2010)

33 A device for automatically measuring and supervising the critical care patient's urine output - A. Otero, T. Akinfiev, R. Fernández and F. Palacios Sensors 2010(1), 934-951

34 G. Caffarena, J.A. López, G. Leyva, C. Carreras, O. Nieto-Taladriz - Architectural Synthesis of Fixed-Point DSP Datapaths using FPGAs Int. J. of Reconfigurable Computing (2009)

35 T. Akinfiev, R. Fenández, A. Otero, F. Palacios - Device for measuring the amount of liquid that flows and procedure for its measurement. Patent application. Nº ES200930074

36 C.O.S. Sorzano, E. Recarte, M. Alcorlo, J.R. Bilbao-Castro, C. San-Martín, R. Marabini, J.M. Carazo. - Automatic particle selection from electron micrographs using machine learning techniques. Journal of Structural Biology, 167: 252-260 (2009)

37 C.O.S. Sorzano, C. Messaoudi, M. Eibauer, J.R. Bilbao-Castro, R. Hegerl, S. Nickell, S. Marco, J.M. Carazo. - Marker-free image registration of electron tomography tilt-series BMC Bioinformatics, 10: 124 (2009)

38 C.O.S. Sorzano, A. Otero, E.M. Olmos, J.M. Carazo. - Error analysis in the determination of the electron microscopical contrast transfer function parameters from experimental power spectra BMC Structural Biology, 9: 18 (2009)

39 A. Otero, P. Félix, S. Barro y F. Palacios - Addressing the flaws of current critical alarms: a fuzzy constraint satisfaction approach Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. 47 (3): 219-238.

40 A. Iriarte Ruiz, C.O.S. Sorzano, J. L. Rubio, J. M. Carazo, R. Marabini. - A theoretical model for EM-ML reconstruction algorithms applied to rotating PET scanners Physics in Medicine and Biology, 54: 1909-1934 (2009)

41 A. Otero, P. Félix y S. Barro - A fuzzy constraint satisfaction approach for signal abstraction International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. 50 (2): 324-340, 2009

42 J.R. Bilbao-Castro, R. Marabini, C.O.S Sorzano, I. García, J.M. Carazo - Desktop supercomputing for 3D-EM: structure determination using ART with blobs. Journal of Structural Biology, 165: 19-26 (2009)

43 A. Otero, P. Félix y S. Barro - TRACE, a graphical tool for the acquisition and detection of signal patterns Expert Systems with Applications. 36 (1): 343-357.

44 A. Beuchat, P. Thévenaz, M. Unser, T. Ebner, A. Senn, F. Urner, M. Germond, C.O.S. Sorzano. - Quantitative morphometrical characterization of human pronuclear zygotes Human Reproduction, 23: 1983-1992 (2008)

45 Image processing for electron microscopy single-particle analysis using Xmipp. - S. H. W. Scheres, R. Núñez-Ramírez, C.O.S. Sorzano, J.M. Carazo, R. Marabini. Nature protocols, 3: 977-990 (2008)

46 C.O.S. Sorzano, S. I. Arganda-Carreras, P. Thévenaz, A. Beloso, G. Morales, I. Valdés, C. Pérez-García, C. Castillo, E. Garrido, M. Unser - Elastic Image Registration of 2D gels for differential and repeatability studies Proteomics 8: 62-65 (2008)

47 J.A. López, G. Caffarena, C. Carreras, O. Nieto-Taladriz - Fast and Accurate Computation of the Round-Off Noise of LTI Systems IET Circuits, Devices and Systems, . 2(4), pp. 393-408, (2008)

48 R. Jetvic, C. Carreras, G. Caffarena - Fast and Accurate Power Estimation of FPGA DSP Components based on High-Level Switching Activity Models International Journal of Electronics, 95(7), pp. 653-668, (2008)

49 C.O.S.Sorzano, J. Velázquez-Muriel, R. Marabini, G.T. Herman, J.M. Carazo - Volumetric restrictions in 3DEM reconstruction Pattern Recognition 41: 616-626 (2008)

50 C.O.S. Sorzano, S. Jonic, R. Núñez, N. Boisset, J.M. Carazo - Fast, robust and accurate determination of transmission electron microscopy contrast transfer function Journal Structural Biology 160: 249-262 (2007)

51 C. Messaoudi, T. Boudier, C.O.S. Sorzano, S. Marco - TomoJ: tomography software for 3D reconstruction in transmission electron tomography BMC Bioinformatics 8, 288 (2007)

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53 G. Caffarena, C. Pedreira, C. Carreras, S. Bojanic, O. Nieto-Taladriz - FPGA Acceleration for DNA Sequence Alignment Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, 6(2): 245-266 (2007)

54 S. Jonic, C.O.S.Sorzano, M. Cottevieille, E. Larquet, N. Boisset - A novel method for improvement of visualization of power spectra for classification of cryo-electron micrographs and their local areas. Journal of Structural Biology, 157: 156-167 (2007)

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77 Corcho O, Fernández-López M, Gómez-Pérez A - WebODE: a workbench for Ontological Engineering AI Magazine

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79 M. Gómez-Lorenzo, M. Valle, J. Frank, C. Gruss, C.O.S.Sorzano, X. S. Chen, L.E. Donate, J.M. Carazo - Large T antigen on the simian virus 40 origin of replication: a 3D snapshot prior to DNA replication. EMBO Journal 22: 6205-6213 (2003)

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81 P. Félix, S. Barro y A. Otero - Algunas reflexiones sobre la semántica de una restricción borrosa Trabajo invitado en la Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial. 20:83-93

82 Corcho O, Fernández-López M, Gómez-Pérez A - Methodologies, tools and languages for building ontologies. Where is the meeting point? Data and Knowledge Engineering

83 Fernández-López M, Gómez-Pérez A - Overview and analysis of methodologies for building ontologies Knowledge Engineering Review

84 C.O.S.Sorzano, J.M.Carazo, O.Trelles - Command line interfaces can be efficiently brought to graphics: COLIMATE (the COmmand LIne MATE). Software: Practice & Experience 32 (9): 873-887 (2002)

85 C.O.S.Sorzano, R.Marabini, N.Boisset, E.Rietzel, R.Schröder, G.T.Herman, J.M.Carazo - The effect of overabundant projection directions on 3D reconstruction algorithms. Journal of Structural Biology, 133 (2,3), 108-118 (2001)

86 Fernández-López M, Gómez-Pérez A, Pazos-Sierra A, Pazos-Sierra J - Building a Chemical Ontology using Methontology and the Ontology Design Environment IEEE Intelligence Systems & Their Applications

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