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Flash demos of TRACE

This page contains a set of flash demos showing the capabilities of the Tool foR anAlyzing and disCovering pattErns, TRACE. This tool has been developed by the Intelligent Systems Group of the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Laboratory of Bioengineering of the University San Pablo CEU in the context of research projects developed in the medical domain. It also has been applied in the mobile robotics domain.

TRACE is based on the Multivariable Fuzzy Temporal Profile (MFTP) model, a model which allows us to project onto a computational representation a description of a signal pattern made by a human expert where the pattern represents a finding of interest.

The presentations require Flash 6.0 or later as well as loudspeakers.

Presentation I

This presentation contains a general overview of TRACE. (6 minutes, resolution: 800x600).

Presentation II

This presentation provides detailed explanataions about TRACE's pattern acquisition capabilities as well as a brief explanation of the matching functionality. (20 minutes, resolution: 871x712).

Presentation III

This presentation provides more details about the matching functionality alongwith explanations of TRACE's data acquisition capabilities. (20 minutes, resolution: 800x600).

For more information about TRACE, you can check:

For more information about the MFTP model, you can check:


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